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Track your Website Visitors
Free Web Site Statistics and Referral Tracking

Extreme Tracker is a very popular free website tracker extreme tracking
No ads and easy cut and paste install
With free tracking you get :
Summary : Totals and Averages
Track Unique Visitors
Geo Tracking : Country and Continent
System Tracking , Browsers , Operating Systems
Screen Resolutions , Screen Colors ,Referrer Tracking and keyword tracking

CQ Counter a free website tracker CQ Counter
CQ Counter offers
Real-time reports from any Internet browser.
Easy to read statistics charts.
No ads on your website.
Time Period Tracking
Year , Month , Week , Day , Day of Week , Hour , Last 24 Hours
System Tracking :
Browser , Operating System , Screen Resolution
Color Depth , Time Zone , Language
Referral Tracking :
Track Continent , Country , Domain and Sub Domain
Search Engine Tracking and Referral Tracking

The disadvantages of free public website tracking are
your competitors can also track your keywords and visitors.
And some trackers may place ads on your site.
No ads on your website.
Invisible Counter Option
Stat Counter allows users to install an invisible counter on your site.
Or a visible configurable tracking counter on your site, with a
number of ways to customize the visitor counter design.
Summary Stats display stats per day, week, month, quarter or year.
Popular Pages traffic data lets you see the pages of your site ranked by popularity.
Keyword Tracking Analysis can help you identify keywords that are working.
This site tracking offers more options visit for details.

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