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Tips for using Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges actively pursue cheats and hacks however - Always have an active virus scanner, there will always be people out trying to scam someone. You don't want to be caught off guard.

Quick Facts:

People generally use traffic exchanges to generate traffic for a home-based business.
Traffic is literally page views.
However views, with no sales is wasted bandwidth.
To many people expect the world in a day.( give me a million hits ! )
In most cases it does not happen like that.
Creating a business online takes time.

How to best build your site sales and business:

Know Your Audience.
People become immune to seeing the same ads and websites.
Write fresh ad copy of your own.
A good way to do this is using a Splash Page Maker.
These are available for free on a lot of traffic exchanges.

Ad copy is tricky.
You never know for sure what works until you test it.
Run multiple ads.
Try different headlines, graphics and offers.
Track your hits.
Give your ads a good chance at least 5000 views each.
Use the ads that work and trash the rest.

Only Choose Traffic Exchanges that Offer Manual Surfing
Surf the site yourself so you are familiar with their cheat tests.
You do want to show ads to and empty room.

There is no point joining lots and lots of exchanges.
Start with a couple and stick to it until you have them running well.
Then expand as you can.

Follows these simple steps and stick to it.
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